Highest Paying Jobs In India

Highest Paying Jobs In India

Everyone loves the highest paying jobs in India! Who would say no to a better package? Is it valid or not that you are the individual who is searching for an errand, yet doesn’t have even the remotest clue how to start your occupation-hunting adventure? We are here to assist you with picking the right pick given your capabilities, pay assumptions, and abilities.

There are various vocation choices on the lookout, regardless of whether you are a fresher or encountered, all you want to do is to get a comprehension of the business and a fresher compensation standard. There are so many companies in the market that can give you a handful of salary packages. In such a way, we have handpicked a few highest paying jobs in India.



Project manager holds first place in the highest paying jobs in India list. A project manager should be capable enough to understand every phase of project development as per the project strategy. The responsibilities of a project manager include supervising, assisting, and prioritizing. Apart from that a project manager should be able to tackle daily work challenges, including stakeholder management and communication management.

The salary for a project manager starts from 4 to 20 LPA (varies based on your experience). The annual salary of a project manager will be something around 12LPA.

Average Salary of a Project Manager in other Metro Cities:

New Delhi – 15LPA

Mumbai – 13 LPA

Bangalore – 15.5 LPA

Pune – 14 LPA



Artificial intelligence is one of the second highest paying jobs in India. AI experts who can create a model that learns, and enhances over time. Their responsibilities include creating and designing software solutions as per business requirements using AI and Machine Learning technologies.

AI Engineers are also responsible for creating and testing models that can predict outcomes and help others to make wise decisions. After developing models, the AI engineer should put them into practice algorithms using the learning they got from the data. They ought to have the option to team up well with partners, information researchers, and programming designers.

The typical compensation of a simulated intelligence specialist will begin from 8 LPA to 40 LPA.

Average Salary of an AI Engineer in Other Metro Cities:

New Delhi – 9 LPA

Mumbai – 10 LPA

Bangalore – 15 LPA

Pune –12 LPA



Data science offers cut-throat salaries and it’s the third highest paying jobs in India. It is positioned as the “most encouraging profession” by LinkedIn. An information researcher gathers, examines and deciphers a huge arrangement of information in an association. Indeed, even a fresher can get a lot of worthwhile bundles on the off chance that she/he has great information in figuring, programming, math, measurements, and examination.

The typical compensation of an information researcher will begin from 10 LPA. Experience in data science can earn up to 25 LPA

Average Salary of a Data Scientist in Other Metro Cities:

New Delhi – 15 LPA

Mumbai – 14 LPA

Bangalore – 16 LPA

Pune –10 LPA



Machine learning is one of the sub-divisions of AI and now it’s booming. Being the highest paying jobs in India, researchers anticipated that the growth of AI & and ML will grow significantly in the upcoming years. ML engineers develop algorithms and statistical analyses to meet business expectation

The average salary of an AI engineer will start from 7 LPA to 40 LPA.

Average Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in Other Metro Cities:

New Delhi – 8.5 LPA

Mumbai – 10 LPA

Bangalore –15 LPA

Pune –8.5 LPA



Demand for blockchain developers is increasing day by day. This highly demanding job requires skills and expertise in blockchain technologies. Blockchain is all about reforming currency transactions, internet connectivity, data security as well as data handling. A person with strong computer science knowledge can become a blockchain developer.

The average salary of a blockchain developer will start from 8 LPA. Experience people will get up to 45 LPA.

Average Salary of a Blockchain Developer in Other Metro Cities:

New Delhi – 9 LPA

Mumbai – 12 LPA

Bangalore – 15 LPA

Pune – 10 LPA

We hope you have gone through all the above-mentioned career options. Still, confused? If none of them suits your interest, don’t be so sad, stay focused until we share an article for “best entrepreneurship ideas in India” in a week or day.  Roll your sleeves and make a big move!



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